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Want to Purchase Sakon Stuff?

There are very few companies in the US that carry Sakon merchandise.  However, you will find several places listed with each product category below.  If all esle fails, or you really want a good deal on rare bits, go to yahoo japan.  And to buy from the sellers there, you'll need:


Rinkya Inc.

I highly recommend this company!  I have been with them since the early days and have never been let down.  They treat their customers fairly and with the utmost respect!  They also usually have a most excellent sale on items won at 1000 yen or less.  Tell them "Watan" sent ya'!



Most of these items can be purchased from Sasugabooks or Amazon Japan

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Book One
 ISBN:  4-08-872021-0
Book Two
 ISBN:  4-08-872022-9
Book Three
 ISBN:  4-08-872023-7
Book Four
 ISBN:  4-08-872024-5
Jump Novel  ISBN:  4-08-703046-6
Book One
2004 re-release
 ISBN:  4-08-618138-X

268 pages

Book Two
2004 re-release
ISBN:  4-08-618139-8

262 pages

Book Three
2004 re-release
  ISBN:  4-08-618140-1
(combines books 3& 4 of first run)

284 pages

Sakon Jump Special:
"Chapter of the Glowing Night Sky - The Lone Puppeteer"

49 pages; Volume 21 of Shonen Jump 96
reprinted in 2004 release of Manga Volume 3

Shibuya Enkon Aika Jigoku - "Shibuya Grudge Dirge Hell"

32 page novella

AUDIO These cd's, should still be available through CDjapan or Amazon Japan.  Tracklists for all shown are available on this page!
SakonOST.jpg (56827 bytes) sakonost2.jpg (55597 bytes) Sakondrama.jpg (59398 bytes) sakontvdrama2.jpg (27086 bytes)
OST Volume One
OST Volume Two
Original Drama Album Volume One
Original Drama Album Volume Two
shucd1.jpg (58005 bytes) shucd2.jpg (55817 bytes)
Manga Drama cd #1
Shueisha 1996
 Manga Drama cd #2
Shueisha 1996
Opening Theme
by Humming Bird

cd single
Ending Theme
 by Arai Akino
cd single
VIDEO Most of these items can be purchased through CDjapan or Amazon Japan.  All VHS and DVD covers were created by Toshimitsu Kobayashi.
Volume One
eps. 1-2 (55 min)
VHS: VIVF-10251
Volume Two
eps. 3-5 (79 min)
VHS: VIVF-10252
Volume Three 
eps. 6-8 (76 min)
VHS: VIVF-10253
Volume Four
eps. 9-11 (76 min)
VHS: VIVF-10254
Volume Five eps. 12-14 (76 min)
VHS: VIVF-10255
Volume Six
eps. 15-17 (76 min)
VHS: VIVF-10256
Volume Seven eps. 18-20 (76 min)
VHS: VIVF-10257
Volume Eight eps. 21-23 (76 min)
VHS: VIVF-10258
Volume Nine eps. 24-26 (76 min)
VHS: VIVF-10259
VCD Box set eps. 1-10
VideoCD 2213

All sorts of wonderful little and incredibly hard to find items are available for this series.  What the fan must keep in mind is that the manga was created in 1995 and the anime aired around 1999, so most of what you can find has been hiding in people's collections and must be bought secondhand.  To the right is a photo of my Sakon shrine.

Merchandise I do not have individual scans of yet:  bookmarks, postcards, small promo posters (the latter two are in frames in the photo).  The huge poster (aka holy grail) pictured is autographed by Ukon Seiyuu, Kumai Motoko, and Sakon Seiyuu, Megumi Ogata.  The crappy Sakon plushie on the bottom left behind the geta is made by me...
The majority of my collection is doujinshi, self published comics by fan circles in Japan.  Their quality range from professional to amateur.  That collection can be found on the
doujinshi page.

click for larger image

close up of right half of shrine
close up of left half of shrine

On average, these will run you $20.00 to $50.00 on auction sites.  Unless you are lucky.  I do not have any of these...

The Japanese name for these is Shitajiki.  I have only found one for this series;  it is two sided.  Usually it turns up on ebay.  CartoonPassion has it listed for $4.99.  Interesting fact!  Ukon's jacket in the image was coloured wrong.  The green is not supposed to go beyond the yuigesa (lapel of sorts).


I have found one "official" notepad for this series, plus a couple made for fanclubs of doujinshi circles.  The one pictured here is the one made by the company.  It is carried by CartoonPassion, and sells for $4.99.  In their info they say it is only one image repeating, but in fact it is two. 

The cover image is the first half of pages  and then the image featured on the front of the shitajiki takes up the rest.  The image above is borrowed from their site.
When Sakon was released on VHS and DVD you could buy them all, save the postcards and proof of purchases and purchase your very own limited edition Ukon UFO catcher doll!  Or you can hang out on Yahoo Japan like I did.


The Sakon coaster came free with the first VHS or DVD of the anime.  The Ukon coaster came free with the first anime drama cd.  Since I don't have the Sakon'll have to imagine what it looks like...


There are many many mini posters that were inserted into volumes of Shounen Jump and magazines like Newtype.  But there are a couple full size posters for both the anime and manga.  Those I have only seen on Yahoo Japan.  The poster pictured here measures 20 inches by 29 inches.  I managed to find this one signed by the seiyuu.


For collectors of cels, it is always sad to find out a series has been animated solely on computer.  However, one can find the sketches used to plan the animation. 
A very hard to find collectible.  This image comes from an auction on Yahoo Japan well over a year ago if I remember correctly.  Too bad for me I didn't win them.  ;)

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