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Sakon related pages:

A little bit o' everything:

The Puppeteer Mysteries - A Fabulous page devoted to Ayatsuri Sakon!  Go there now! >^-^<
Shrine: Ayatsuri Sakon -  The only AS page available in English and French.  Great site!
Puppeteer Detective - Ayatsuri Sakon club on DeviantArt.  JOIN!  We need members!
KZAS Community - a livejournal community, they need talkative members!  go!  chat!
Kochapandafan's Site - the largest Japanese fansite, incredible fanart!
TMS Entertainment - Japanese site.  Info on the animation; character and episodes guides with lots of images.
Miss Taco's Sakon   Page - Chinese site.  the character and story pages are temporarily down
The Fifth Legend: Wanderers of Eden - Chinese site covering the manga
iClubs - Taiwanese Sakon fanclub
KZAS Mailing List    pretty much a defunct list- only posts are adverts and spam anymore ><


Anime Project Alliance - great scans of magazine promos, with text & info
Fukushuu Cels - small but lovely douga gallery
We Love Anime - mostly images from the clockworkvoices gallery 
Anime Town - Spanish - same thing as above, only you can send the images as postcards
Little's Anime - Russian site, were nice and removed the altered images - also huge Puppet Princess gallery
note: we love anime and anime town both lifted from Little's Anime, who borrowed from clockworkvoices

Cosplay images:

Chihane's Page - amazing Sakon & Ukon cosplay as well as other wonderful cosplay pics! (click on 'photo' for the series list
Hiromi's Page - my personal favourite Sakon & Ukon cosplayers
Cosplaylab - large cosplay community.  Just search by character or series name (there's only a couple of us at the moment though...)

Reviews & suchness:

Black Moon Reviews - their Sakon review
Pocket Bishonen - Sakon, Ukon, and Rinsuke are featured. - Review and fansub info, downloadable?
Ayatsuri Sakon: A guy and his toy: mini review with a couple pics
Anti-Bishie Webcomic: Unparalleled Genius - funny!
Rerunz Anime Junkpile - short review with some pics
Envirosphere - very nice review
Lost Heaven - scanlations on IRC only (which I don't use...), so if you have them please let us know your opinion
Pinoyotaku - grand info on one of the earlier drama cd's

Other interesting pages (non Sakon):

Animanga Community - Karakuri Circus
Puppet's Heart -  a Genzo Hitogata Kiwa shrine
EX Magazine- a review of Genzo Hitogata Kiwa
Kodanclub - official english site for Kodansha publishing
A page devoted to Simon Yotsuya - incredible doll artist
CroKitty Productions - my personal puppet and doll gallery
Bake Neko Bus Stop - my catbus shrine with pics of my car

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