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note: everything reads right to left
I am also still learning Japanese, so please bear with me.

1a.jpg (165383 bytes) Sakon Jump Special:
"Chapter of the Glowing Night Sky - The Lone Puppeteer"

This special 49 page storyarc appeared in Volume 21 of Shonen Jump (1996).  It gives quite a bit of backstory into how Ukon and Sakon became the investigative team they are as well as to why they travel the country.  It also gives a good explanation of  Bunraku and older pupptry styles.  This was especially difficult because three of the characters speak in Kansai-ben dialect, which is really hard to translate.  If you are new to Sakon, this is an ideal way to get started!

August 8, 04: Cover - page 10
August 16, 04:  page 11-21
August 23, 04: page 22-32
August 30, 04: page 33-41
September 6, 04: page 42-49(the end!)
Note: you don't have to read it in sections,
if you start at the beginning,
it continues all the way to the end.

Scanlation/Translation Links:
The Puppeteer Mysteries: the very first manga chapter translation
Lost Heaven - scanlations on IRC only (which I don't use...), so if you have them please let us know your opinion/review


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