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Welcome to the Ayatsuri Sakon Character Guide!  In an effort to simplify things, characters have been divided up according to the manga or anime storyarc they appear in. When possible, colour images have been provided. This guide is mostly designed to "put a face with a name." Special thanks again goes out to Nataku for graciously providing Storyarc title translations (her translations are marked with an asterisk [*]).

For a more in depth look at Sakon and Ukon, click on their pictures.
the puppeteer

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the puppet
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Vengeful Demon of the Abandoned School
Manga Volume 1/ Anime episodes 1-3
Brought to a mysterious reunion at their old abandoned elementary school, five people are now the targets of a strange revenge! Can Sakon and Ukon discover the killer?
Kusunoki Osamu
His tragic suicide begins the tale. In school, he enjoyed making dolls and puppets but faced ridicule and torment from his peers.
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Funazaki Hazuki
(seiyuu: Touma Yumi)
Kind and gentle, she was the only person to actually care about Osamu. She invites Sakon and Ukon to come to the reunion since they've nowhere to spend the night.
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Kitamura Kouji
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Oka Youko
Office Lady
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Saeki Tsutomu
Student-College of the Arts
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Saitou Kenichi
College Rounin
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Officer Eda
Eda comes to investigate the strange reunion taking place at the elementary school.
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The Zushuu Double Demon-Mask Puppet Hell
Manga Volumes 1 & 2 / Anime episodes 4-7
Sakon and Ukon pay a visit to a mansion filled with weird karakuri puppets and scary dolls. Someone in an oni mask is on a killing spree. What or who is this demon and can it be stopped?
Kawaii Mai
A young all-around idol. Mai is very talented and very cute! She and some of the other guests are from the same high school.
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Kagao Yuki
A school friend of Mai's.
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Mori Seiichi
One of Mai's classmates.
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Sugiyama Hikishi
Yet another classmate.
Wait 'til you see what happens to THIS guy!
Takamura Katsuhiko
TV Talent Recruiter.
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Satou Yuriko
Mai's personal attendant...
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Mai's personal Coach vagrant.jpg (9051 bytes)
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The Chapter of the Sakon's Transformation Mechanism *
Manga Volume 2 / Anime episodes 8-10
Sakon takes Ukon to the studio of a puppet builder for routine puppet maitenence. But nothing is routine for explosion, a murder, and Ukon's death?!
Fukami Sayoko
A cheerful and outgoing little girl.
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Sayoko's favourite little cat. Ririsu plays an important role in solving the mystery of the explosion. Sadly, Ririsu isn''t in the story for long and moves on to the kitty afterlife...
Souppy, NOOOOOO!!!
Aoki Akihiko Also known from a guest appearance in Rurouni Kenshin . . .
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Shiraishi Keiko shiraishi.jpg (3666 bytes)
Kishikao Hajime
One of Fukami-san's pupils.
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Yoshida Tamotsu
Another pupil of Fukami-san.
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The Senshuu Byakko Bloodshed Hell *
Manga Volume 3 / Anime episodes 11-13
Soushirou soushirou.jpg (3933 bytes)
Eldest of the three sisters.
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The middle sister.
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The youngest and most outspoken of the sisters. She is creeped out by Ukon and his womanizing, so she often physically punishes Ukon for his actions. She is also the most helpful to Sakon in his investigating.
Yo! Otokoonna!
Kikuchi Hisashi Dance, magic dance . . .
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The Hell of the Egyptian Pharoah's Curse
Manga Volumes 3 & 4 / Anime 14-18
Manager of the museum, Kisaragi-sensei was once Sakon's mentor. Now he is
suspected of being a criminal!
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Takahashi Yoshie
A private secretary
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Iishiki Seiji
Assistant Manager of the museum
Behold the child of Jinnai and Peewee . . .
Hamada Kouichisou
One of Kisaragi's staff clerks
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Eccentric Talk of the Okuhida Ghost*
Anime episodes 21-23

Gouzou Terao (age 60)

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Toshio Kobayashi (age 30)

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Hoshie Nishimura (age 22)

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Mitsuru Numata (age 27)

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Tsukiko Nishimura (age 25)

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Youko Numata (age 30)

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Zenkichi Fujita (age 21)
A photographer - he also appears in volume four of the manga

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Love Flowers Tearfall Profuse Bloom Dance*
Anime episodes 24-26
Sakon's uncle , the head of the Tachibana Bunraku troupe, is murdered.  But was the murderer actually aiming for him...or another of the Tachibana household?
Saemon Tachibana (age 68)
Sakon's grandfather, a master puppeteer who has been declared a Living National Treasure by Japan.  His name might possibly be the author's nod to Chikamatsu Monzaemon, the "Shakespeare of Japan" and famed puppet play writer and enthusiast.

Sakon's Ojichan

Chizuru Tachibana (age 36)
Sakon's mother

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Niemon Tachibana (age 64)

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Nagare Tachibana
Sakon's father

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Tomonori Tachibana (age 33)

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Takumi Shinozaki (age 30)

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Katsutoshi Atsumi (age 36)

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Ayano Shigurezaki (age 26)

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Strange Report:  The Fantastic Dream of a Tragic Love
Manga Volume 4 / Drama cd 1 / Novel chapter 2
This story only has two chapters and no storyarc title. Sakon accidentally travels back in time to the Edo period. In Kuribito Village, he meets Rinsuke (who looks rather like a certain absent red-headed puppet!) and Haruka and becomes involved in their tragic tale...
He seems to be Haruka's arranged betrothed. Say it isn't so! With a frog face like that, it's not a shame that his appearances in the story are few.
It's that guy from the Muppets that always threw fish around . . .
Kurokaa's right-hand man. Not a nice guy...
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Not only does he look like Ukon, he acts like him too! click here for spoiler info
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click for full image (40k)
A gentle puppet builder. click here for spoiler info
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Listen to the Voice from Within!!

Manga Volume 4
While visiting Sakon, Kaoruko stumbles upon a child's doll in his workshop. The doll carries with it the memories of Sakon's early struggles to become a true puppeteer.
A quiet boy who has become severly withdrawn, confiding only in his doll.
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Hiroshi's brother
After seeing Sakon fooling around with Ukon, he asks Sakon for help in getting his little brother to open up.
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Naniwa Photographer Bible Hell *
Manga Volume 4
Sakon, Ukon, and Shiho ( from the 4th storyarc) meet up with a master photojournalist. His last and recently discovered roll of film leads the trio, joined by Kaoruko, to a dangerous criminal with an affinity for reptiles.
Fujita Zenkichi (age 21)
A well-known photojournalist whose pictures prove to be both surprising and useful...
Note:  Zenkichi also appears in anime episodes 21-23
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Awww, a boy and his snakes. At first he appears to be a nice guy, rescuing Shiho from a ruffian. But then he quickly shows his true nature!
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