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All images in this gallery are copyright to the characters' creators and the artists who have rendered them.  Please do not use them without contacting the artist first.  The two fanart images scanned from import magazines are featured here because I wanted to share them with other fans.   If you want to reproduce them please include the artists' info and names in the image.  Thank you!

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Do you have Ayatsuri Sakon related art, cosplay pics, wallpaper, or other goodies you would like me to add to this site?  I would love to have them here!  Just email me at

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Incredible cosplay of our favourite pair from Chihane!   She very kindly let us use this picture. 
Visit her site to see more!
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Me cosplaying as young Sakon from the museum murder mystery storyarc and as Ukon from, well, the whole series!  I am still working on my adult Sakon and the working Ukon puppet... 

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Cosplayer Links
Many a night has been spent digging up photos of Ayatsuri Sakon Cosplayers.  Here are the results!  If you see you page here and would like to add your image to this gallery or if you don't see yourself here and want to be, please email me!

*none yet*

Naki (Kirsche)- main page2001 cosplay pics

Kohyoh - in the 2003 Numa Rei no Con gallery - yes! a US cosplayer!

Sakon and Ukon
Norimaru & Keisan - My Faves! - main page / Individual shots / Pair Photoshoot

Hiromi's Cosplay -my 2nd faves! -  main page / Hiromi & Naru  / in Fujiwara no Gou - look! Stunning photoshoot!

Electrical Parade- main page / Sakon, Ukon, & Kaoruko

Megunoji & Kitaro -main page scroll down a little to find them

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Sakon Fanart from Newtype Magazine. (83k)
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Sakon/Mr.Garrison Fanart from
Animage Magazine. (72k)
by Moon Sun

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by White Cat
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by Chrislea
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wallpaper created from doujinshi scan

wallpaper created from doujinshi scan
by Angie

gift to me from Angie

mini doujinshi of Ukon's nightmare

by me

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mini gag doujinshi

2003 xmas gift to the sakon ml

india ink experiment cg I made using me as the model first attempt at using screentone

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