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Karakuri Zoushi Ayatsuri Sakon
Tales of Puppetmaster Sakon

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April, 29, 2000


Basic Story
a quick overview

The Players
who's who in the manga and anime

Anime Info & Gallery
scans of promo art & some caps

Manga Info & Gallery
scans of the covers & chapter images

Read the manga special of how it all began!

videos, cd's, collectibles
plus featured auctions from yahoo japan

song and chapter titles from all 8 cd's

scans of covers in my collection
(now includes release dates)

The Art of Puppetry
learn about what makes this series so unique

FAQ & Glossary
New to Sakon? This may help!

mp3's, misc. goodies

art, cosplay, extras

sakon sites and more

Hands of Fate
Puppetry in Anime & Manga

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The Underappreciated
Bishounen Webring

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