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Karakuri Zoushi Ayatsuri Sakon (which translates roughly as "Tales of Puppetmaster Sakon") is the creation of two very talented individuals: writer Marou Sharaku and artist Takeshi Obata. (Note: Obata-sensei's name has also been traslated as "Ken Obata" and "Ken Kobatake" in different articles.) They have seamlessly brought to life a young Buraku puppeteer in training named Sakon Tachibana and his very brash puppet, Ukon. Together, Sakon and Ukon travel around Japan, solving mysteries, murders, and horrific crimes. The series has a wide variety of style and mood, ranging from slapstick to heart-warming to gore. Originally published in Shounen Jump Weekly, the entire story is available in four manga volumes, published by Jump Comics/Shueisha. These can be ordered through the Sasuga Japanese Bookstore:
Book One: ISBN4-08-872021-0
Book Two: ISBN4-08-872022-9

Book Three: ISBN4-08-872023-7
Book Four: ISBN4-08-872024-5

Manga Rerelease!
That's right fans!  The Ayatsuri Sakon manga was released in a new three-volume set with new cover illustrations (mini poster versions of which are inside) and if you are lucky, bookmarks!
Book One: ISBN4-08-618138-X
Book Two:  ISBN4-08-618139-8
Book Three:
(NOTE:  Book Three combines book 3 & 4 from the first release plus has a special never before seen outside of Jump chapter)

Sakon Novel (pictured below):  ISBN4-08-703046-6
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The Gallery
All images were scanned by me, and in many cases have been slightly altered for various reasons. All art is copyright to Takeshi Obata.  This gallery is here to serve as a taste for those unfamiliar with the manga.  If it finally gets released here in the US, the only images that will be kept up are those not used by the distribution company.
You are welcome to borrow them, but please let us know and link to us if you do. Thanks!

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Book 1
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Master Marionettist Huang Yi Que's Autograph (42k)
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Book 2
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Book 3
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Book 4
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Various Images

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