Basic Explanation of Ayatsuri Sakon

Although this site has been online for over a recently was brought to my attention that I never bothered to put a plot summary!  So for all you Sakon newcomers, here you go:

Tachibana Sakon is the grandson of Zaemon, a Bunraku master.  (Bunraku is the traditional and deeply honoured puppetry style in Japan.)  Sakon has been studying Bunraku ever since he was a child and has bonded strangely with a puppet named Ukon, passed down through his family.  Sakon uses his mastery of puppetry as well as ventriloquism to bring Ukon to life.  Often it seems that Ukon has a life and spirit of his own.  This is evident most in their different personalities.  Ukon is very brash and open, whereas Sakon is reserved.

So what do a gorgeous young puppeteer and a loudmouth puppet do all day?  They wander the Japanese countryside and solve murder mysteries!  Great attention in given to the development of the storylines and mysteries throughout both the manga and anime.  The animated version does quite the incredible job of adapting the artwork of Takeshi Obata (known for his art in Hikaru no Go).  One of the most common raves I keep hearing about this series is the remarkable amount of time spent of the culture and scenery of Japan.  This is only natural since Ukon himself represents a very loved and respected theatre art form.

Why do I love this series?  I am a puppeteer and love the interplay between Sakon and Ukon.  I think in many ways they are great representatives of my passion.

The bishounen element doesn't hurt either.

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