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Last Updated:  04/11/2018

Welcome to the catalogue of cats in the Ohio Lucky Cat Museum.
As of April, 2013, this site is still painfully behind on updates.
Please bear with me as I slowly get the hundreds of Neko photographed and posted.

The collection has been divided into categories to make finding particular lucky cats easier. These categories can be maker, style, or function oriented. Many cats fall into multiple categories.

Tokoname Style

Imari Style

Seven Lucky Gods 
Tomimoto Kiln, Tokoname
Kutani Kiln

Yakushi Kiln, Seto

Household Items

Characters and Mascots

Movers and Talkers

Kyoto Doll Company
Kato Kogei Kiln
Tokai Kogei Kiln

Keychains and Miniatures

Toys and Plush
Banko Company
Various & Unknown Makers
Manpei Company
Books and Stationary
Bowing and Sleeping

Saiyuuki Company
Nagaya Company
Daiso Stores


Noren and Wall-hangings

Ryukodo Company
N.O.B. Company
Two-sided Neko





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