Maneki Neko - Seto, Tokai Company
招き猫 - 東海工芸

In the city of Seto, Aichi Prefecture, Tokai Kogei (Kogei means arts and crafts) established itself by 1961. It has expanded its materials to include glass and cloth (1967), metal (1975), and resin (1983).  One of their most popular/familiar lines is called Neko Nishiki (Cat Brocade) and feature pudgy, wide-faced cats with closed eyes and flowered bibs. I have some of these in resin, often decorated with flowers, that were produced in China. I am not sure whether those are created for Tokai or are just copies. Please visit the company webpage to see more!

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Last Updated:  04/10/2011


"Neko Nishiki"
Gift from my Hubby
Purchased:  Yahoo Japan Purchased:  Yahoo Japan China made "Neko Nishiki"
Gift from my friend, Jenn
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"Neko Nishiki"
Purchased:  Into Asia, Cincinnati
Purchased:  Yahoo Japan lottery ticket holders
Purchased:  Yahoo Japan
China made "Neko Nishiki"
Gift from my Hubby
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"Parent & Child" series
Purchased:  Enriching Spaces
"Neko Nishiki" on big Tai fish
Purchased:  Yahoo Japan

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