Maneki Neko -  Artists from Outside Japan
招き猫 外人 の アーティスト

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Maneki Neko are just too cool to stay within Japan's borders.  And artists from the US and around the world have welcomed them!

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Jaime Robertson / Cody Goodin / Tyber Katz / Amy Clarke / Henry Muse / Megan Mitchell / Glenn Schot / "Kittygirl" / Ganbatte Leisha / Femke Hemstra / Sly Vogel / Lisa Marie Robinson / Evelyn Miranda (Dreamlyn)

Last Updated:  04/22/2014


Jaime Robertson
*my Hubby*

As a birthday present, my Hubby made me this 4 inch tall sculpture.  Here's his description:  "It based on her drawing (on the right) which is further based on the traditional Japanese umbrella yokai (monster) called a 'karakasa' and the ever lucky Maneki Neko (or beckoning cat.) I personally began torturing her a good week or so before her birthday, by not only informing her that I was sculpting something but by working on it in the same room. I managed to successfully keep her from figuring it out until present time.  She loved it." "I made this little guy as a Christmas present for my wife and was inspired by some of her art combining cats and yokai. This is along the lines of the Reese's peanut butter cups concept that if you like two things, you will like the combination of those things even more. The kappa is a water yokai of the amphibian persuasion that lives in rivers, lakes, swamps, wetlands, and coastal areas. They are said to have a beak-like mouth, a tortoise shell, removable frog-like skin and a water-filled depression on their head. They are particularly susceptible to dehydration."

When we first began dating, I learned of his talent at sculpting, though he'd only played around with non-drying modeling clay.  I gave him my polymer clay and he went crazy!  Just look at his awesome stuff!

Jaime's DevArt Page

He has sculpted a few more unpainted neko for me that I need to take pics of.  We are also working together to design our own line of Maneki Neko items.


Cody Goodin

Measures 6 inches including the base
Cody says: "Here's a rear view of a goblin I made for my friend Micha.  She loves everything cat and Japanese.  She collects Lucky Cats so I made her a Lucky Cat Goblin who isn't always the bringer of good luck even though he tries.  His name is Luc-Go-Me and is made of polymer clay and painted and antiqued.  He is adorned with some coins and a good luck inscription that is printed in a mirror reverse.
My friend Cody is an amazing artist and has also been a wonderful supporter of my art.  In the last year Cody has been making these great little goblin figures.  And he made me one for Xmas!

Cody's Blog

Tyber Katz

Tyber Katz is two artists in Washington, Peter and Pat Tyber, creating amazing cat (and pug doggie) dolls and statues.  They have won many awards for their designs!

Visit Tyber Katz Online at



Amy Clarke

This fabulous artist has recently begun creating and casting her own original cat designs. And her Maneki Neko are brilliant! I look forward to collecting more!

Visit Amy Clarke via her Etsy shop online at Bakenekoya



Henry Muse


Mississippi native, specializing in acrylics

purchased via Henry's Ebay store

Henry's Southern Breeze Gallery page


Magen Mitchell

"Unlucky Cat"

via her Etsy site: PaperWaspNest

Glenn Schot

Gold Hawaiian Surfer
"Shaka Neko"



8" x 10"

purchased via her Ebay store

Ganbatte Leisha

8" x 10" print
Day of the Dead "Lucky Boy"

visit Ganbatte's Etsy store

Femke Hemstra

image from an art book

purchased via Ebay

Visit Femke's webpage

Sly Vogel

"Luck" original Art Card
purchased via Ebay

Lisa Marie Robinson

magnet purchased

via her Zazzle Store

Visit her website



Evelyn Miranda / Dreamlyn


magnet purchased
via her Zazzle


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