Maneki Neko - Japanese Artists
招き猫 日本 の アーティスト

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There are many Japanese Neko Artists (or "Nyartists" as coined by Takahashi Risa) I admire. 
I have been very lucky to actually purchase some of their work.
They are listed Family name, then First name.

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Mori Wajin / Takagi Kyoko / Maruyama Kenichi  / Watanabe Yoko / Yamazaki Kiyotaka Inaba Michi / Kobayashi Makoto / Abe Natsuko / Okayama Tomio/ Nekoyuuko55Kawamura Melodi  / Mrs. Kamata / "unsun2005" / Takahashi Risa

Last Updated:  07/01/2012


Mori Wajin

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My Favourite Artist!

1. Beckoning Paw Neko
2-6. Set of five themed Maneki Neko. Their 'bells' have indentations of one up to five.
Mud Neko
Water Drop Neko
Fire Neko
Mushroom Neko
Money Neko
7 & 8. Maneki Neko sculptures
9. December 3rd Birthdate Neko (these were part of an auction lot. perhaps the seller's birthdate?)
10. Maneki Neko Omamori (charm)
11. "Neko Jyare" plush
12. Stand-up Calender 2008?
13. 2009 Postcard Calendar
14. Art Book

1-9 & 11: purchased yahoo Japan
10: purchased ebay
12-14: purchased Furoneko Market

Mori's Website on Nekomachi


Takagi Kyoko

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1. Resting Neko
2. Chopstick Rest Neko
3. Large Neko
4. New Year's Lucky Wreaths
5. Tough Tigers
6. Furoshiki (wrapping cloth)
7. Furoshiki (wrapping cloth)
8. Printed chirimen wall hanging
9. Art Book

1 & 2: purchased via Ebay
3, 4, 5 & 9: via Yahoo Japan
6 & 8: via Sanko, San Francisco
7. via Ebay

Neko Shachou's (Kyoko's) Webpage


Maruyama Kenichi



The first four neko are definitely his designs, but I am not sure who is making the painted versions.  Bottom row features one of his Bizenware originals and two painted kitties I've read are also his designs, but I am unsure of their manufacturer. 

A Bizenware Webpage
featuring Kenichi's work


Watanabe Yoko
Both of these lovely neko are made from clay with paulownia powder. They also have swarovski crystal accents.

Purchased: Ebay

Yamazaki Kiyotaka

I have long been a fan of Mr. Yamazaki's work. The small neko (4cm) was purchased via Ebay; the clock via Yahoo Japan.

Yamazaki's page at Craft Ogawa site

Inaba Michi

I only wish I had an ounce of the energy Michi has!

Se and I did an art trade. I received this set of hand-cut postcards of her Lucky Cats. Not shown are her Daruma, Tanuki, Dog and Squirrel designs.

Michi's Blog

Kobayashi Makoto

A custom design created for the Starlingear jewelry company, New Year's 2008. This one is # 5 of 10. He was broken, repaired, and sold to me via Yahoo Japan auctions.

M&K  Custom Signs


Abe Natsuko

Natsuko's Neko always epitomize grace and beauty.

Purchased: Ebay

Natsuko's Webpage


A gorgeous neko made of
clay and covered in chirimen
fabric. Purchased from the artist on Yahoo Japan.

Nekoyuuko55's auctions

Okayama Tomio

Crafting technique:  “SOMETSUKE” – a dyeing skill in which motifs are drawn on white porcelain using paint that includes cobalt to creat a vivid indigo color. Height: 2.75"

Neko purchased from Ebay seller woodsandtrees

Tomio and Naoko's page

Kawamura Melodi

Goddess Money-Key

Created for artist anniversary event at the Necomachi Gallery. Original design is from the 1920's. He is also famous for creating the kneeling Geisha Maneki Neko style (like this one from the Tomimoto Kiln in Seto).


A fantastic Vincent Van Gogh paper mache tumbler neko! Purchased from the artist
on Yahoo Japan.

unsun2005's auctions

"Mrs. Kamata"

A lovely paper covered neko. Seller could not give me any additional information on the artist other than her name.

Purchased: Ebay

Takahashi Risa

Neko purchased at Shizu of Pasadena, CA

Risa's Webpage


All artwork in this site is copyright to the respective creators.  Please drop a line if you are interested in using any for your own site. Thank you!