Maneki Neko - Saiyuuki Company
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"Color Paint Design"

It has taken a long time for me to finally make the connection between the MR mark and Saiyuuki, as not all pieces bear it. I believe it may be the signature of a particular artist in the company, but am not certain. Thanks to a seller on Yahoo Japan (and, I recently found a piece that not only bore the mark, but the Saiyuuki sticker (the first kanji in their name) as well! This company often has very detailed product boxes, featuring an illustration of the neko inside. Some manufacturing may be done in China.

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Last Updated:  07/01/2012


neko with Daikoku's Lucky Hammer &
Ebisu's Lucky Tai Fish
neko with Daikoku's Lucky Hammer
hanko (traditional family name stamp) holder
neko with Ebisu's
Lucky Tai Fish
Purchased:  Yahoo Japan

This little guy is ready to be carted around in the local festival.  Portable shrines in Shinto festivals (Matsuri) are called Mikoshi.
Purchased:  Yahoo Japan.
Maneki Neko Oiran. 
Oiran (courtesans) are distinguished from Geisha (performers) by their obi tied in the front (for easy disrobing) and their
elaborate hair decor. 
Purchased:  Yahoo Japan.
Such happy kitties!
Shinto shrine set
The main piece is a bank; the slot is in the "donation box" on the stairs.
The two little neko are beckoning versions of white kitsune (foxes) associated with shrines.

Purchased:  Yahoo Japan.

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